Hi, I am Sam,

UX Designer, Usability Analyst

Die hard Coffee Lover, Running Enthusiast, Karate Black Belt, Smiling and always ready to take up the Next Challange. Today, I find myself working with SGT as a UI designer responsible for making the product accessible to all.


About Me

It was winter in Boston and I went for a meetup after work in downtown. The weather was chilly and dull. There was absolutely no motivation to go for a meetup which involved 30 minutes of train ride in snow. It was a meetup cum workshop. However, I gathered myself and decided to go for the meetup. That workshop changed my perspective to look at UI/UX completely. The meetup organizer had pulled a website and a visually impaired person walk through the website using assistive technology, JAWS. That day I realized and actually experienced his struggle. In the midst of living in a world where technology is everywhere, I realized my responsibility to design applications that are accessible to all! Always Human First, User First, and Empathy First approach! Empathy for users forces me to go beyond my comfort zone.

I have more than 15 years of innovative digital experience from small startups to the MNCs. I strongly believe that with deeper understanding of the subject (SME) and with the skill of articulation, quality product can be achieved. I got a chance to work in different coutries, adds another aspect to my experience while designing for globalization and internationalization. I focus on seeing the big picture and keeping an eye on details.

Among my soft skills, I am:

Happy to talk about how to make your product or service more user-friendly through research, design, writing, and strategy.

Get in touch!

Connect with me on linkedin or email me at sphadnis@mica.edu

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